Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Custom request done! Also, Custom Requests CLOSED :X

Happy Holidays Everyone! It has been an...eventful year, 2013. This will probably be the last post of the year, and although I usually do a 'round up' post, don't feel quite like doing so right now (not a very happy 2013 :( ) and so....


Miniature Pizza Slices - SD-sized (1:3 scale) Air dry clay

 Hawaiian Paradise and Angus Steak....interesting choices, I might have to try the actual thing some day :P

 and popcorn, 77 pcs and it's only about 2/3 filled? o.O

 various icecream flavours :D
 this yellow drink....aieee *tears hair out* you'll see the earlier versions later....XD

 So I was complaining about the yellow drink earlier? YEP. turns out I might have accidentally tainted the polyester dye with red maybe? Or that the yellow isn't as yellow as they claim T-T in any case, I tried different mediums to colour the epoxy resin and they didn't have the transparency I required for this request. SO. I will list these on my Etsy this week. Along with these pizza slices....

made more mushroom ones cos...well.....YUMMEH! This time I made it more swiss-cheese like :9

Stay tuned, or follow my facebook page for when I list them on Etsy :)

And oh yes, commissions are closed for 2013. I will probably accept commissions again in Feb-Mar 2014. Thank you all SOOOO much for your support so far! *fuzzy wuzzy feels~*

Friday, November 29, 2013

1:3 vs 1:6, new vs old rose cupcakes

A lovely customer contacted me to request some of my rose cupcakes in 1:3 but in 'butter' and not the original 'vanilla' cupcake base. I had previously made some in 1:6 which had sold in 2009. It is interesting to see big-small comparisons, and how much of a difference my work has progressed over the years. The 1:3 ones are also made out of polymer clay :)

Polymer clay 1:3 Scale Miniature Rose Cupcakes

The November commission slots are closed, but there are a couple more available for Dec 2013. If you are interested in some custom made items from me, the information on how to contact me, as well as how to request for a custom item can be found on my "Custom Requests" tab above, or the following link:


Please note that I might not be able to take custom requests from January 2014 onwards as I will be preparing for a project  (fingers crossed it works out!), but I will update progress on my 1:12 and smaller blog, http://snowfern-clover.blogspot.com.

Weekend is here. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miniature Swing Set in 1:4 (MSD) scale

As a 'treat' to myself (and Clover) for working hard for SGDC2013, I decided to take some time out for a personal project....a swing set for Clover! Been meaning to make one for like, forever, but given the scarcity and cost of materials here in SG, I've put this project aside. Recently, Daiso has re-stocked quite a lot of different wood materials, and so....a night and a morning later.....Clover has a new toy! XD

/rantmode on

FIRST OFF. NO TUTORIAL. NO PLANS. If ever I do come up with some (if that is at all possible with my attention span), it would be a paid one anyway, cos it is a lot of work. THAT IS ALL.

/rantmode off

I don't have a fixed way of doing stuff, seeing as how plenty of improvisation is necessary (mostly cos I mess up. A. LOT.), it all starts with a vague idea of what has to be done, vague measurements based on my favourite numbers, a cursory glance at google images, and powered by very little patience and a whole lot of tenacity.....it starts off.....

like this. YUH USELESS CRAP. I CANNOT DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE. laugh at my primary school long division method, but yes, i'm even too pre-occupied to reach for my phone-calculator. :(

so. off to google.....and .....nada. I wanted something foldable thinking I could bring it out.....*manic laughter* SO MUCH FOR THAT. HOWEVER!!! it did throw up something interesting:


So. Since I have no fancy-shmancy woodworking tools nor a laser cutter *whines* I decided to wing it and modify it as I made it up in my head.....

this is what I had to work with. forgot to include sandpaper. protractor, right-angle L-shaped ruler/square (get 'em from greedbay or hardware stores), pencil, ruler, nippers/pliers (?!), pins, pin vise, small drill bits (DAISO!!!) and saw/mitre (need a new one :(, Art Friend )

mehhehe a vanity shot of how I arrange my bits *snort*. these are straws hot-glued onto the lid of a Daiso box :D

speaking of Daiso.....here're the materials I used. more for personal reference.

and a level (?) which holds my bank dongle-thingummies on my whiteboard for majority of the year :-/ ALSO FROM DAISO ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRR yuh my typing/worktable is not level :(

so I fudged up the chair bit, totally forgot that I had mentally made an earlier modification to it and only a few mins after I glued down the final planks, did I remember. :( By that time, it was near impossible to rip off the support planks without damaging it, and so,


so it is a fixed-seat rather than a portable one SIGH. ANYWAY. if you don't understand what the above was about, no worries, cos this isn't meant to help anyone but myself HAWHAW *miserable groan*

while searching for those screw type eyepins at a jewellery findings place at Peoples' Park Centre, these handy little clasps seemed like a nice find, for 1 buck, buy 1-get-1-free, WOOOTAGE. WHY THE HELL NOT EH! Chain from my earlier beadworking-jewellery making days. FINALLY they get put to good use.

they're really fidgety and slippery though. takes quite a bit to work with. as for the loop holding up the seat, it's actually a headpin wedged between the two support beams.

if you're wondering what angles I used for the support, the 2 base angles are at 70 deg. eh. my fave number is 7, go figure. the hardest part was getting the damned swing level. ON MY UN-LEVEL TABLE. which I'd forgotten was, unlevel, that is. things went much smoother after I set it on the floor :-/ =_=""""

The whole contraption is about 40cm tall x 10inches x 28cm deep. I told you, I make do and make things up as I go along T-T Enforced every single glued section with pins. There's a technical term for this which evades me.....HALP!

All in all, pretty pleased with it. Waiting for the glue to dry for 24 hrs before I give it a coupla coats of wood varnish :)

YOU LIKE?????????????????????????????

(please excuse the manic tone, back from my weekly swim and the MONSTER MUNCHIES IS DRIVING ME NUTS) HORMONES RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

p.s. OH YA only suffered 1 injury, forgot my thumb isn't impervious to pins.....lanced it and stupid thing took ages to stop bleeding, so I spent a number of minutes with my arm above my head this morning GYAAAA.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Event Report: Singapore Doll Carnival 2013 (SGDC2013)

 The event was a success! First of all, big big thanks to Arion and Adit for organizing the first Singapore Doll Carnival 2013 (SGDC2013)! Asuka was so much calmer than I was...somehow even with my brother Rayner's help, my hands were shaking all the while setting up the booth and sales display o.O Crystarlia even brought her crew down as helpers (I imagine them to be mini barkers XD) and phwoaar, she's one mean salesperson XD XD XD

So as you can see, the above is what Asuka and I had been working on, our first proper collaboration ^.^ she did all of the original illustrations and turned the characters into SUPER ADORABLE 'iced cookies' I executed the ferris wheel framework and other odds and ends to 'complete' the booth. she's so talented, i'm always enthralled by her artwork!

 Our dolls, Ayame and clover even have little matchy matchy aprons XD not that you can see it in this sea of green HAHAHA reedip.

 that's Crystarlia's crew ;) look at those little 'uns beckoning people to the Clover Rock Candy Carnival XD

hwa hwa hwa an acquaintance wore a 1:1 t-shirt version of the 'hamburger' hoodie/sweatshirt XD pity i couldn't catch her to take a pic together with the doll XD

chilling out at the ticket counter XD

so like, i was going to take pics of our booth but before I got round to Asuka's setup I got distracted (OMG ATTENTION SPAN OF A GNAT) and didn't even manage to take a pic of my full setup!!! this was taken I think either midway or towards the end (prob midway, judging from the number of hot drinks remaining...)

as per my previous booth experiences, here's a blow-by-blow account of what my mind has chosen to retain huhuhu.

- woken up by Asuka at 7.23am to meet for breakfast.
- arrived just shy of 9am at *scape
- felt the first flutter of nerves while queueing for food. Ray quipped "it's just hunger" and I was immediately calmed XD GOOD TACTIC
- it had rained pretty heavily earlier in the morning and was still drizzling as we made our way to the event hall. poor vendors on the ground floor :(
- arrived at the hall at 9.30-ish to discover Adit pacing around a little frazzled by the empty hall. tables and chairs were due to arrive at 9.30, but there was some miscommunication between the management and tables/chairs co. (huh) so we plonked down on the floor at our designated area, and got DOWN TO BIZNESS
- had a fun time bantering with some friends who coincidentally (or not?) had a booth next to ours, though separated by a pillar. we jested that it would have been alright to sell on the floor, flea-market style XD XD
- furniture arrived around 10! yay! Event opening delayed till 12. unyay :( but it didn't matter, cos as per previous event experiences, most of the sales would be within at timespan of 2 hrs anyway XD
- 2+3ish? hungry. lunchtime! Ray helped us get macD ebi burger meals (YUM!) but I'd forgotten to ask if food was allowed in the hall XD we took turns to eat on the ground outside the hall HHEHEH
- traffic wound down a little after lunch, but i was still in a daze for most of the down-time, and shoulder started acting up again, so Asuka gave me massages woooooo KEKEKKEKE caught up with friends and....overall still general blur.

- took a brisk walk around the hall with Crystarlia but didn't manage to take pics of all the beautiful booths, save one, Jo and Joey's who WON the best booth display prize!!! GRATZ!!!!! SO HAPPY (cos they are people I actually know hahhahhahah :X ) WELL-DESERVED WIN OMG look at those dolls T-T GAWJUS
- bf came down to help lug stuff home...all 4 us of went to Arirang at Liang Seah street to celebrate!!!!

teething problems and initial panic aside, I think the event went pretty smoothly! kudos to the organizers and hope we see SGDC2014!! :D :D :D

the rest of the week will be spent recuperating and cleaning up my room, listing 'leftovers' on my Etsy, and getting ready to move on to newer projects. As for commission slots, I had promised that I would re-open them to selected projects, but apologize beforehand that there might be a long wait, and hope for your kind understanding and patience as I sort out stuff. Meanwhile there are a number of emails and convos to reply to, will do so ASAP :)

the painkillers are finally kicking in. kek. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

SGDC2013 next Sunday!

 The countdown has begun! Next Sunday, Nov 10th 2013 will be the day of SGDC 2013 (which i've posted twice previously) and there's lots more to do yet!

Here are items in 1:3 scale miniature, fun fair foods for BJDs :D They are made out of air dry clay, acrylic paints and epoxy resin. I have sealed all of them to make them splashproof (but not waterproof!)

1:3 scale miniature hot dog with mustard and tomato sauce
There is also a selection of drinks, but are not pictured here. These are just 'sneak previews' of the funfair or carnival theme, which is the theme which Asuka and I have worked together on :D She has done all the illustrations for this collaboration and you can find previews of what she has on offer over on her blog!

 1:3 scale miniature nachos and cheese dip

 1:3 scale miniature french fries and tomato sauce

 1:3 scale miniature crinkle cut fries cone and tomato sauce 

1:3 scale miniature potato chips (or crisps?)

I have a few more items to work on, but wanted to remind you to keep next Sunday free! :D will try and squeeze in another update this week before the event itself, so you can see the full range of what to expect there!
P.S. forgot to add that they are loose (not glued down) :D 


Date: 10 November 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 11 am - 7 pm
Ticket Price: $15 (earlybird till 30th September), $18 (at the door)
Location: Scape, Singapore (nearest train station: Somerset MRT)
2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

Saturday, October 19, 2013

1:3 Pizza

1:3 miniature Pizza slices, air dry clay

can you spot the different types of pizzas? am going to make 2 more different toppings later today. these took a particularly long time to make, mostly due to the numerous toppings and figuring out how I wanted to present them.

most of the pizzas I order look NOTHING like it is presented on the flyers/menu, of course. everything is usually smothered with cheese, and after putting that much work into detailing every single ingredient, it seemed quite a shame to drown it all in a sea of yellow. personal preference runs into the golden brown toasted-crisp stray cheese around the edge of the pizza crust, therefore my artificial versions would have that!

Pepperoni vs a vegetarian option, which has tomatoes, olives, capsicum slices in various colours, and mushrooms. I considered making it a no-cheese pizza, but .....NO CHEESE?!?! NO WAY! it's impossible that dolls suffer from lactose intolerance anyway. :PPPPPP

and for those wondering about the other stuff lurking in the background, TA-DA~

these will be packaged in a fun-fair/carnival theme because they're made for SGDC2013! See you there on November 10th 2013!


Date: 10 November 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 11 am - 7 pm
Ticket Price: $15 (earlybird till 30th September), $18 (at the door)
Location: Scape, Singapore (nearest train station: Somerset MRT)
2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miniature Sodas are back! :D

 okay! So i'm back with a few more drinks in my Etsy store. :) Was intending to sell the purple 'milkshake' but while editing the listing, I decided to keep it for myself. Somehow started craving Taro flavoured dessert, and I'm wondering, is there such a flavoured milkshake or drink?!? would it be utterly gross?!?


Made some with black straws instead, and these are listed on my Facebook page. I'm thinking of starting up an independent store (my Etsy fees are...o.O) but am not feeling too confident, so am sort of testing the waters......

The first batch have sold out! Have gone ahead and listed the black straw trio on Etsy :)


Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to all Muslim friends! Also, since it's a long holiday weekend, I can only mail out orders next Tuesday.....apologies for any inconvenience caused...

Hope you like them :) I will make more in different colours when I'm feeling better. Healthwise, things are a little ....well. they are what they are. But I'm quite determined to be productive when I'm able to, let's see how well the new painkillers work ;P NOOO I DOWANNA BE A DRUG ADDICTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i'm already a mini-addict XD XD XD

(if I sound high, it's not cos of the painkillers, it's cos of the PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am resisting taking them unless i absolutely have to, am pretty useless when i'm on them......)