Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1:3 miniature papayas, EOY 2014 this weekend!

1:3 miniature papayas - airdryclay, acrylics, sealants

Wahey!! This request came in at a pretty close to the deadline, and I was a little worried that it wouldn't dry in time, but the weather has been pretty warm lately (although humid, but I kept the fan directly on them 24/7!) so I managed to finish it on time!

KW Designs wanted some papayas for use with his setup for this weekend's EOY 2014 at Marina Barrage! I wish I could participate too, there are SOOOO many wonderful setups organized by Fujiwara Yukino, I hope to drop by if my health permits....Please do go down if you have the time!

Event details and how to get there can be found here:

1:3 papaya milk ice blended drink, epoxy resin, acrylics

Meanwhile, here's the blender which KW Designs passed to me to fill with 'papaya milk ice blend' :) I decided to make the lid for the blender as well, since I had spare materials at hand, and hope he doesn't mind! (kept it as a surprise haha) Should be an interesting setup!


Selfie of Ginger in my favourite wig XD Just because it makes me smile ^_^

Quirky fruit in 1:3 scale, and some pastries

1:3 strawberry and apricot cream tartlets, pinwheel puff tartlets, meringues  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, epoxy resin, sealants

 A special request came in early July, and my customer was interested in some finger foods, as well as unique fruits for her BJDs, and it was a pretty complicated order in the sense that I had to work on individual items, not batch, which is trickier in my opinion than batch orders.

1:3 petit four set of six - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

This set was fun to make because the inspiration photo was actually of felted petitfours XD So I was freed up to interpret it into realistic versions yay!

1:3 miniature pointy grapes - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

But I really enjoyed this commission because I was tasked to make some unique fruits, many of which I had never ever encountered! Better yet, it was sort of 'free form' work, meaning no molds, no necessity for uniformity so I could be more relaxed and concentrate on achieving a more realistic feel. Yes, the grapes are hanging on a vine so it'll be more natural looking when placed in any container!


 1:3 Maclura tricuspidata inspired fruits  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

Some of these fruits were meant for a fantasy setting, as my customer writes fantasy stories! 

 1:3 corbezzolo inspired  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

The sizes have been adjusted to her specifications and not accurately scaled, these were the trickiest to make and I jested with a friend that they were my 'red durians' XD I had been meaning to tackle 1:12 durians anyway so perhaps I'll try that when I continue with my 80s Singapore themed stuff. :)

 1:3 quince/pear inspired  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

Bumpy and lumpy, very fun to make :P Not noticeable in these pics but I also made the 'hairy belly button' bit :P :P :P

1:3 starfruit  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

LOVED making these!!! It may not be evident here but they are actually slightly translucent too wakakaka! I've made one a little riper than the other two, and one with a little green. :) 

I'm still waiting on her reply but got a little excited about showing these, I might have to 'edit' some of them but hope she's happy with the results so far!

Going to work on another post :) Watch for it!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones - Helena Rubinstein

 ...just like there are no bad photos, only lazy photographers (guilty) :X It is no coincidence that I always itch to play with dolls on weekends, my clay order hasn't arrived and so I decided to take a break from commission work and toy (hurhur) with the Canon again.

 The photos still need a lot of improvement, out of the 93, only 9 weren't over/under-exposed, grainy, etc. I still struggle with not moving the camera while pressing down on the button, but I can't afford a remote, so it's best to just keep practicing......

I kept laughing to myself while adjusting her outfit and hair, she does look like a bored housewife doesn't she? Poor Saffron, upkeep is such a b*tch :P While taking at this angle, I kept wishing I had a nail polish or buffer set for her to play with!!

I quite enjoyed this session, though my wrists and shoulder hurt quite a bit due to the heavy camera. I will have to figure out a larger space to set up the tripod!

Table - Daiso
Pinwheel Tart (unfinished) - Air dry clay, by me!
Baking tray - random tin cover
All other props - Re-Ment
Doll - Unoa Sist, Decadent Faceplate, Fresh Skin. Face up, clothes and hair by me!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

1:6 scale miniature playscale 80s Singapore tidbits

The DSLR won this round. I am still struggling with the settings, and the macro clip-ons. I suppose the photos look good from far, but are far from good T-T They'll have to do for now because I am a little busy!

The request was for 1:6 items, a rare request! They are double the size of the ones I made for a personal 80s Singapore project. Quite a number of people have asked where I had obtained the images, all the graphics were made by me using inkscape, referencing photos I had found online.

Yotsuba is 12cm tall, which makes her about 1:10 scale, so these are a tad large for her! They would be suitable for playscale dolls like Barbie. Pullip, Blythe etc, but I think my customer ordered them for possibly YoSD sized dolls? I really ought to put them with some Re-ment but eh, already packed them away hehehhe oops

 1:6 scale miniature White Rabbit Milk sweets and Haw Flakes, polymer clay, paper, Inkscape, sealant, glue

1:6 scale miniature Mamee Noodle Snack, air dry clay, decal, plastic, paper, Inkscape, sealant, glue, acrylic paint

Some of these might not be familiar to those who aren't living in Southeast Asia, but I have had people reporting in from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and even the USA who say they're still available in Chinatown areas! Wooo!

1:6 scale miniature seaweed rings, Spin potato snacks, air dry clay, acrylic paint, sealant, plastic

These were the most time consuming to make, and there are 50 pcs in each package. The Spin crackers used to taste and look slightly different from these when I was younger, and had a flavour other than MSG :X I miss eating them! They also came in a cone, not packaged like this. As for how do I do my plastic packaging, let's just say, I still fail alot and so am not confident in revealing my methods :( But you can try and be creative with an iron, just be careful! :X

GROUP SHOT! I hope she likes them :) I certainly enjoyed making them, quite a challenge!

I have also opened up a pre-order for the 1:3 Ramen and Udon bowls that were pretty popular, you can find more details here:

however there are only 2 bowls left, they were snapped up faster than expected, thank you all :)