Saturday, June 29, 2013

Miniature Parfaits, Sundaes, Milkshakes and Shaved Ice Desserts!

Lovely cool weather we're having today :) It's been too warm and hazy lately, and being shut in with the windows meant my fan was working overtime (and the air-conditioning, fwoarrr) rain is definitely welcome :)

I've listed almost all the parfaits, sundaes and shaved ice desserts on my Etsy store, please take a look!

There have been quick sales on a few items already, and some were reserved by customers who had requested I make some newer desserts, so apologies if you had your heart set on them :( 

Also, will no longer be accepting custom requests (except for the one reserved slot!) as I prepare for a change in my ....what is it..'art direction'? things around me have always been chaotic, and so I want a more purposeful and calming work environment. This will not only help me heal up (chronic hand/shoulder/wrist injuries and other wonky bits), it will also allow me more time to work on projects which have been neglected. especially in 1:12, the preferred scale for me to work in.

This doesn't mean this dolly blog will be abandoned, no! There's still the November doll event, and of course my darling Clover who still needs a summer wardrobe :P meanwhile, I wish to concentrate on my original miniature blog,, and updates on my facebook page as well as Instagram are more frequent, do follow/like etc to stay in touch! links are to the right of the blog, but here they are again:

Seeya around! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miniature Pastries in 1:3 scale

 1:3 miniature Divin
 1:3 raspberry pastries, miniature Ispahan, Saint-Honore Rose Frambroise and Divin
 1:3 miniature apple tarte tatin
 1:3 miniature berries cheesecake
 1:3 miniature (right top to bottom) St Honore Pistache Griotte, Chocolat, and Classique/Caramel (SOLD OUT)
1:3 miniature(right top to bottom)

Chou Chantilly Nougatine,

Paris Brest (SOLD OUT)
Corolle Feuilletee Caramel,

(All items are made of air dry clay, and have been sealed. They are splashproof, but not waterproof, please handle with care!)
Hi everyone, from Hazy Singapore! Finally these pastry items are up for sale (well, most, some are already spoken for ^ ^), and before I put them up on Etsy this wednesday. Do email me at snowfern (at) gmail (dot) com for the price list if you are keen on reserving any. Some items are already sold out/reserved and subject to first-come-first-served availability....kindly refer to the photos below (click to enlarge):

Brackets indicate numbers available
1 - Saint-Honore Pistache Griotte -  (2)
2 - Saint-Honore Classique - SOLD
3 - Saint-Honore Chocolat - (1)
4 - Saint-Honore Rose Frambroise - (1, 1 Reserved) [light pink cream, pls see pic below]
5 - Corolle Feuilletee Caramel - (3)
6 - Saint-Honore Chocolat - (1) [this is slightly smaller than item 3]
7 - Chou Chantilly Nougatine - (2) [the one on left has cream that's jutting out a little bit]
8 - Divin - (5)
9 - Blackberry Macaron - (2)
10 - Ispahan - (2)
11 - Arabica Cake Slice - (1)
12 - Saint-Honore Rose Frambroise - (3, 1 Reserved) [white cream, pls see pic below]
13 - Paris Brest - SOLD
*14 - Berry Cheesecake Squares - (5)
15 - Tart Tatin - (2) [Please indicate a or c or I will randomly pick one for you]
*16 - Raspberry Cheesecake - (4) [Please indicate a (dark sfc logo), or b (light sfc logo), or I will randomly pick one for you]
17 - Strawberry Cheesecake - (2) [Random Pick, no logo]
BTW, there is a slight difference between the 2 raspberry st honore, the left one has light pink cream (with raspberry holes facing out), and the other, white cream :)

Hope you've enjoyed the photos :) It's almost time to feed Eva (my maltese, for those who don't already know :P) her medicines....she's still recuperating from a bladder stone surgery last wednesday, and boy is she attention-starved! I've finally figured out how to feed her the pills with little struggle, but she's now holding out eating her kibble for treats (which I use to bribe her to take her meds....)...fussy and naughty as ever :P

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm back! And in time for Singapore Doll Carnival 2013!

Okay, these aren't for the carnival, they are part of a commission which my very patient and lovely customer had asked for! I've already showed the pastry/cakes portion (mostly via my Instagram and Facebook page), but the commission also included a wide range of foods, many of which I have never made in mini before, so alot of time was spent experimenting on textures and new techniques, partly why the whole commission took so long as I re-made quite a number of items as I was dissatisfied with the results. :X 

 Miniature 1:3 scale Schnitzel, air dry clay
 Miniature 1:3 scale sausage platter, with salads and sauerkraut (?), air dry clay
 Miniature 1:3 scale potato side dish. I've never been too fond of potatoes up till recently, maybe this was the trigger!!!, air dry clay
 Miniature 1:3 scale borscht (supposed to be beetroot + beef too?), air dry clay + epoxy resin 
Miniature 1:3 scale apple strudel, air dry clay

1:3 scale miniature boutique pastries and cakes. air dry clay. 
so here's the pastry portion of the order, all made with air dry clay :) for those who ask about what brands I use, you can check out my FAQ here. I'm sorry but it's just too involved with too many steps to make tutorials, and if I ever do want to get that book done, gotta leave some information for that to happen right? XD am entertaining the idea of making individual tutorials for sale, but given the various scales and mediums I unsure of where to start :( just thinking about it........*mind wanders off again*
 Miniature 1:3 scale Arabica
 Miniature 1:3 scale Elysees
 Miniature 1:3 scale Plaisir Sucre
 Miniature 1:3 scale Apple Tarte Tatin
 Miniature 1:3 scale Corolle Feuilletee Caramel
 Miniature 1:3 scale Paris Brest
 Miniature 1:3 scale Chou Chantilly Nougatine
 Miniature 1:3 scale Caramel St Honore
 Miniature 1:3 scale Pistachio St Honore
 Miniature 1:3 scale Raspberry St Honore
Miniature 1:3 scale Chocolate St Honore

healthwise, I'm still recovering from a recurring shoulder injury, made worse by an impromptu table-tennis session with bro and dad :O BUT THERE IS NO REST FOR THE WEARY or depressed or in pain cos......


Singapore Doll Carnival 2013 !!!! Asuka and I will be back together, sharing a booth, lots of laughter, and general merriment :) Do drop by our table to say HI! :D Tickets should be made available soon, do check out the website if you wish to visit, or even be a booth holder. :) There will be photo competitions for doll-owners who can also rent a booth to display their dolls! It's all at an accessible *scape, one day only! C'MON SINGAPOREAN DOLL OWNERS COME OUT AND PLAAAYYYYYY

(am I overselling it? haha! just too excited la!)

I've already started on some new items for the event ;) 

Oh, and remember these? I hope to list them sometime this week, if they're not reserved finishing up some other items, the ever popular macarons/ispahans for one......and then a new item.....oh man i've got too much going on!


/head throbs in anticipation of all the flurry of activity that's going to happen next few months!