Friday, March 29, 2013

Miniature Parfaits - 1:3 BJD scale

Ohisashiburi desu~~! 

I've been a little busy with some commission works, and just when I was in the swing of things, I caught the flu that Dad and Ahma had been battling....this one was a really rough one and it took me 2+ weeks and a round of antibiotics to shake it off :( Which meant that my customers had to wait a little longer....but finally I completed one customer's requests! Parfaits for his SDs! :D

I also made a few extras because, as you know, it's difficult just to make ONE item as there's usually lots of leftover materials :( Can't let them go to waste! But I've got a bunch of orders waiting to be cleared, and that has been further delayed by my inability to get more materials, someone has been buying up the resin from art friend ::mad:: don't they know it's cheaper to buy in bulk directly from the supplier DUHHH. Leave some for hobbyists like us!!! ::mega sulk::

Clover also has her 'real' eyes now, and i absolutely adore adore adore her even more, though I haven't had much time to play with her. While I was in bed the last few days (curse of being a woman) I knitted a coupla caps for her. nyaaaa i wanna make more contemporary outfits for her!~!!~

k. 'nuff griping. For those who don't already know, I've been posting quite a number of photos on my instagram......

now, to find an easier way to blog using my new phone :E huuhuhu. pity the camera on the ipad2 that i 'inherited' from my brother doesn't work, or i'd definitely blog more frequently. OFF TO PICK UP MORE SUPPLIES ADVENTURE TIME omg dying to get out of the house this cabin fever is driving me insane.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Not much of an update............

cross-posted from, I MISS PLAYING WITH CLOVER T-T

but at the very least, Asuka and I managed to get some 1:12 suitcase prototypes done during our mini meet! Sans!' isn't pictured as she ran off with hers XD They aren't completed, but since it's been on our to-do list (since renamed 'bucketlist') for the longest time, I'm glad we finally hankered down to tackle it. I hope to find time to do more 1:12 items, haven't had much time to do anything other than a few minutes of candy crush saga when taking a break from commission work. catching the flu when i'm at my busiest doesn't help either T-T GRARGHHGH i hope it doesn't develop into another sinus infection!!!! maybe i really should get that operation (and a nose job while at it HURHURHUR) ((ok i'm kidding on the nose job thing)) (((OR AM I DUNDUNDUN!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)))

*koff* well, since i also messed up my shoulder, and somehow my left elbow too.....the left elbow thing was bizarre!! I couldn't straighten it at all, felt as if the joint was wonky and niggly. you know how sometimes the joint just seems a little out of place, and random flicking motions can sometimes set it back in place? well this time, it didn't work. hurt like a sumb*tch. other choicier swear words escape me in my cold meds haze. probably why i'm also rambling in this post, BEST TIME TO WRITE HUH!! XD

Commission slots for March are closed (thank you!), April and May slots will be limited as I try to catch up on some larger (literally and figuratively) orders. I have been busy with the largest order I've ever received, all for 1:3 BJDs. I know I said I'd post the larger stuff over on the other blog, but I feel bad for neglecting this one, so......:S DOUBLE POST ON BOTH!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

think i'd better grab more rest. i'm scaring myself. BUHBYE FOR NOW