Thursday, September 25, 2014

1:3 miniature Seafood Commission

1:3 miniature Seafood commission. mixed media

Hiya! September was a busy month and a number of things happened, one of which was an old injury flared up, which delayed this commissioned order. My dear customer was very patient and also gave me room to work on this in my own time, I really appreciate that as I really do not like to rush my work so I can produce my best work possible!

1:3 miniature raw mud crabs, polymer clay, acrylic paints, pastels, sealant

1:3 miniature cooked mud crabs, polymer clay, acrylic paints, pastels, sealant

These were the hardest to sculpt. The only molded part was the top of the shell, even so, it took a pretty long time to sculpt the detailed master. Each of the 40 legs/claws were individually sculpted as I could see no way to do it with a mold to give the kind of detail required. Also, working with polymer clay is really straining on my wrists and shoulders, so I had contemplated working with air dry clay for all my future projects, but I am not confident in sculpting with ADC :( Anyway, I like the results of these, Ahma is so happy at how realistic they look too, she had been coming in every day to my work space to ask me if they're done XD

My initial reference photos provided by my customer depicted crabs with claws a little smaller than these, but as I often reference real life and many other photographs, it got stuck in my head that the claws could be a little larger and meatier....luckily my customer liked the size of them, but I would have re-done them if required as these were custom request items, and I aim to please!

 1:3 miniature raw oyster platter. polymer clay, air dry clay, epoxy resin, glass chips

I quite enjoyed making these, more than expected, because they are free-form and freed me from having to obsess over uniformity. :D 3 of the oysters are removeable, and the rest permanently affixed so they won't slide all over the place.

1:3 miniature fish and chips, air dry clay, epoxy resin, acrylic paint.

mmmmmmmmmm. i did detail it to have a bit of sheen, in fact, the fries have even a little bit of 'salt' on them, but I can't seem to capture the detail on camera, so this is the best you'll get XD There are many more WIP photos in my facebook page, in my WIP folder...

1:3 miniature takoyaki. air dry clay, mixed media

I love eating Gindaco's takoyaki! For those who are going to SGDC2014, I will make a few extra sets, but international customers FRET NOT! Although I have closed custom requests for 2014, there will be a pre-order for November 2014 after I finish up some orders....:)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Have a uber super duper weekend!


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