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All Credit goes to original photographers/videographers. Permission has been granted for use of all images on this page. Do contact me at snowfern at gmail dot com if you have some photos of my work with your dolls, I love seeing how my work is used (and looking at beautiful dolls!!!)


(thank you also for helping with the translation!!)
Photo Courtesy of BakaYuki!

BakaYuki's twitter (in French) -

Moe’s Sweet Treats!
Photo courtesy of archangeli!
archangeli's website -

La 'Doll's' Vita
Photos and captions courtesy of crystarlia!

Jun: Finally! Food!!

Hiro: Gimme the FOOD!!!

Cal & Cal: ........

Jun: Why are you holding onto the plastic bag? You still have all these food to finish!

Hiro: No, you finish them first! Your other bro bought them. He's the older one and you are the older one, so you eat the ones he bought. I will eat the ones bought by the younger one!

Nao: Erm...
Callen: Srsly..., demanding food the moment we stepped in without so much of a greeting, and then fighting over who gets to eat what first... Kids are so uncute nowadays...

All were distracted by work, study and egg tarts to realise...

Jun: Let's toast to hijacked food!


Food from Snowfern Clover

video by Denali Wind
Denali Wind's Livejournal -


Rigel Le Chef #1 {CROBIDOLL Zion R-Line}
video by Rendy Agustinus Halim


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