Friday, August 8, 2014

1:3 miniature Roast Chicken Pizza Slice and Pico deGallo Salsa Dip

Yummeh! I'd totally order these. Okay, maybe I wasn't so honest. Maybe not the dip. Because, Cilantro. XD
 1:3 miniature Roast chicken Pizza Slice, air dry clay, acrylic paints, sealants
1:3 miniature Pico deGallo Salsa Dip on Nacho, air dry clay, acrylic paints, sealants, epoxy resin

A lovely customer requested these in addition to some readily available items in my Etsy store, and I was happy to help! I hope she likes them!

Not much else to say, BJD-scales wise. I'm dying to reveal a TOP SEKRET PROJEKT I'm working on with Asuka, but's not yet time to do so :E BUBUUUU I'm bad at keeping secrets T-T

Also, updated the other smaller-scales blog :)

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