Saturday, June 21, 2014

Usagi Clover!

Modified a Daiso coin purse into a rabbit hat, and made a t-shirt pyjama for Clover. Scrump was a UFO catcher item that bf and a friend spent $12 on trying to catch it (was I think $2 per try XD XD XD). Mini bunny was knit from a free pattern ages ago, you can knit one for yourself here: 

I'm winding down from a hectic week, but finally made something for Clover that finally suits her. My friends have been chiding me for dressing her up in "auntie" clothes, in my defense, I had been recycling materials as she was more of an impulse purchase and I wasn't sure about my sewing skills as it had been at least a decade since I sewed anything when she arrived!!! Will try to sew a few more t-shirts for her (and my Unoa)!

I will be listing some items on Etsy this coming week, do look out for them, as well as for the pre-order for the Ramen/Don bowls in early July :) I will be opening up limited commission slots as well, so please check in, or follow my Facebook/Instagram pages for updates!

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