Saturday, June 28, 2014

Learning how to use my camera

 Ginger went out for a dollmeet yesterday ^_^ It was organized by Alvin, with a goal of learning photography....quite a number of doll owners turned up! *waves to everyone!*

there were many many -many- more shots like these that I had to delete as they were too blurry or overexposed, general n00bness. Figuring out all the f-stop, aperture, etc stuff. Too technical even for me, but at least I know where all the bells and whistles are on the cam, which was the main thing to learn! Turns out they agreed that reading the manual was pretty useless after all...XD

 The only nice photo of Ginger in my camera, out of the 44 taken yesterday, was this one, and it wasn't taken by me XD XD XD I have so much to learn!!!!!!!! (I think this one was taken by Leon, who, with Casper, were very patient and clear in showing me how to use my camera! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! *bow bow*) I will practise hard!

There was also an incredibly awesome lineup of dolls, which made me chuckle greatly, but since I was still struggling with the camera, none of the photos came out decent, save for these 3 -less- blurry ones (YEAH IKR) T_T Sorry Iwa, I tried T-T WILL PRACTISE(practice? AGGGHHH out of practice with english too!)!!!

I actually took many pics of Calleigh, but I think my 'cushion' was moving or I was talking while taking pics....all the angles came out wonky and blurry.....this is one of the better angles but I didn't adjust the focal point *HAIZ* 

 But!!! I think these photos are better (it might have been the angle of the light too)! No edit (except resizing). This is Akira, Asuka's hamsem butler boi :P Her new range of donuts are KYAA~~~!!!! CHO CUTE!

welly hamsem cyclops :E

Side note: I went with 2 friends, Asuka and Crystarlia, and since we had loosely strung resin dolls, they couldn't stand very well and we feared for their safety :X We huddled in a little area 3 steps away from this setup. So it wasn't that we were anti-social, just that we didn't own DDs and didn't dare risk faceplants on our resins!  

tee hee they're goofing around (Thanks Asuka for this photo!)

yeah. i still have lots to learn. and practice. practice. practice.

p.s. camera is a Canon 600D (a gift from my brother!)

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