Monday, June 23, 2014

Ginger has a 'proper' outfit!

This pair of sailor shorts kept me up till 5am drafting the pants pattern and putting it together (including a trial version with scrap material).....the sailor shorts was inspired by a Ralph Pink pattern, used inkscape to modify it to fit my Unoa. Alas, the free pattern did not come with instructions but it was fun, like piecing together a puzzle :E 

The top was an envelope tee-shirt pattern that I drafted myself. Although it is a tad loose, the Unoa large bust is kind of....uh, pointy, and I wanted to keep it a loose fit so I wouldn't have to sew another set of undergarments HAHA. I will, eventually...when I'm in the mood to fail again. 

(side note: yes, one has to have the will or mood to fail when attempting something new. I'm pessimistic that way :~( ) 

I usually keep this winking Lusis face on the body when sewing, as it does not have eyelashes for me to squish, but I've found that this means I tend to sew cuter items (the top, for example) instead of the burlesque items that I mean to sew for Saffron (re: pants, they were meant for a Betty Grable-esque outfit but somehow....lost focus....and wound up making shoes instead of a fitted top -_-")

Speaking of failing, those sneakers? They're also made by me, and after 3 failed attempts, a semi-passable pair~ I put together all sorts of random materials I had collected/lying around, yay upcycling~! Clover needs a pair too...but I'm supposed to list items on Etsy and I keep putting off photography cos....I really dislike it :(




  1. Hello, I recently discovered your blog ^_^. The clothes and sneakers are great! Linda

    1. Hi Linda! Your blog is lovely, wow you do a wide range of clothings for a wider range of dolls :O Thank you for stopping by!


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