Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick and easy DIY Coffee Table for 1:3 or 1:4 BJDs

just a quick and simply DIY coffee table suitable for 1:3 or 1:4 BJDs. I threw this together in a few minutes!

Here's what I used:
- 8.5" x 8.5" Ferrero Rocher box (or any other plastic candy box)
- 5" x 6 1/8" x 2 1/4" clear display boxes (from Daiso) X 2 pcs

- fabric as tablecloths or placemats

This is the empty Ferrero Rocher box :D I forgot to take a pic of the insert (in the pic on the right) which can be easily flipped over and re-used as sort of a matte gold table covering if you prefer.

I used the base portion as it is flat and has no decal.

These are the clear display units purchased from Daiso ^ ^ Flip them the other way for a taller table :D

Place Ferrero Rocher box cover on top of clear plastic displays, TADAH! there's even storage for books or ornaments :D

There's a print at the base, indicating the manufacture/expiry date, which can be easily cleaned with Rubbing Alcohol (any pharmacy should carry it). I've not tried other removers, perhaps nail polish remover might work, or even some brands of baby wipes, but i'd test it first on perhaps the top cover of the box in case it 'eats/clouds' the clear plastic.

TADAH! quick and simple coffee table for your BJDs :)

oh btw, i didn't get any fancy photography thingy. it's just a plain white translucent umbrella from Daiso to help diffuse the light! I RUVS IT.

Lamp is a work lamp from IKEA.

What's the difference you ask? Left (top?) is through the brolly, right (bottom?!) is sans brolly. I prefer the softer effect ^ ^

(any bluriness is caused by shaky hands from a tired 'photographer')

for the 'bench', i was rushing through Daiso to pick up some teriyaki sauce, and came across this! I think it comes in pink and green too, but I like white :D it matches everything! Flipped the mesh part over and pushed the 'legs' in through the back to get an instant seat for 1:4 teen/1:4 child (YoSD)!

Forgot to take a proper pic of her on the bench, and i'm tired, so here's an instagram photo of how she looks with the table in her room :) Lighting is a cheap,  battery operated bookshelf lamp (OLEBY) from IKEA :D

I've also made a 1:3 crushed ice drink, am slow with listing the drinks as I'm quite allergic to the resin, and can only make about 2 drinks before I start breaking out in rash on my face and arms. Will be making some slushees, and more iced sodas when my 'ice' stocks arrive ^ ^

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Hope you enjoyed this post, and show me if you made one too!

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oh and btw, i've set up a customer gallery page :) Big big thanks to my customers for taking lovely photos/videos of my work! you can view them via the "Customer Gallery" link at the top of my page (the navigation tabs) or via this URL:


  1. Noooo, please don't switch to facebook comments. :( I won't be able to use it then.

    I went to a Daiso when i was visiting family in Vancouver (I think it's the only one in the country) and I have to say, I'm quite jealous you have one within walking distance. The table came out great, Stitch looks right at home. :P

  2. ooo Thanks Melissa for letting me know! Yeah I'll keep it to just the regular comment system then, read that the FB one is laggy too.....

    HAHA NO!! the Daiso outlets aren't within walking distance unless I decide to take up speedwalking as a hobby....the nearest one is 20 mins away by bus, and a 5-10 min walk from the bus stop, but there are several (at least 7-8?!) outlets in Singapore, 2 in the town area so I try to stop by when I'm picking up art supplies!

    Yeah, that Hawaiian Stitch series is slightly larger than 1:6 and I pulled out my Re-ment stash to see if any stuff would work with Clover, most don't, but the ones that matter do!! I will post a lot more about that, and Doll scales sometime soon :)

    (thanks for always commenting! I always find yours insightful and informative!)


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