Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I've just had my reunion dinner with my family, and am very sleepy now XD

Clover of course gets some goodies as well! Here are some traditional Nonya new year treats, clockwise from top:

Pineapple tarts, Kueh Bangkit, Kueh Bolu

Clover took a nibble out of this one ;) As a kid, this used to be my favourite snack, not limited to just the Chinese New Year period. If i had to describe how it tastes like, would be a drier version of a sponge cake perhaps? and a much crisper outer layer :) Dunking it into a cold cup of Miranda orange.....mmmm! wish I had some now :P

She has quite the sweet tooth it seems! I've made some 1:4 donuts, and figured it was time for Clover to earn her keep :E (and yes, I also made that pearl headband ^ ^)

one bite....after the other......


All of the other items, and more available in my Etsy store :)

here's a preview of some of the 1:4 items available!


 Lol that cookie is almost the size of her face XD

I've also taken photos of Clover with some 1:3 goodies, even though they're gigantamous in her hands :O so cute though XD she'll get a tummyache if she ever finishes even one!

ahh. much better :) I like this design so much, I've kept one for myself ^ ^ The other one i made is available of course, in my Etsy store :)

I'm guessing the size is also good for 1:6 YoSD dolls too, though they might be a little big, but hey, donuts come in all sizes :D

terrible shot, was losing daylight, and it had started to rain....sorted through my stocks and it kind of seemed like a daunting task, taking photos being one of my pet peeves.....

 Beautiful ispahans...I love these shots of her!

but as I started taking photos of her, it seemed less irritating since she's really very photogenic, and finally my foods have some sense of context.....^ ^

and look who's moving into her new home! I cleared out a space which I had intended to convert into a 'room' once I owned a BJD,....and Clover finally arrived so YAY!!! 

she's even got friends to join her :P

I will be creating some furniture for her, but I have a few commissions to complete before I can fully concentrate on that :( And I do have one more post to do, which is how I made her skirt and underskirt :) That will be in my next post, so please check in again!

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