Monday, February 4, 2013

It's hip to be square!

or maybe not. I don't know nor care if it's a cardinal sin to mix checkered patterns, but I LOVE how this turned out!

not that I meant for it to be this way, the fashion dunce that I am :S

 Dress as it fits on the form

 Back is tied with a ribbon

at this point, i started playing with her, and pulling out the various 1:3 and 1:4 scaled items to see how they scale against a pre-teen body. as expected, this luggage bag is too big, but bags come in all sizes so I think it'll work too ^ ^ purchased it at a local newstand at mandarin gallery for SGD$15! is actually a coin bank! the details are AWESOME there's even a lock mechanism similar to the real deal XD

plan to make a luggage tag and maybe some stickers to show she's travelled all the way from Korea...:P and a passport..and a passport holder...and...a toiletries bag....and...........OMG *dies from overthinking things*

made a small cup of bubble tea for her. the one on the left is the 1:4 version (albeit quite a large cup for 1:4, height works though) and the one on the right is a commissioned 1:3 version :) just playing around hehe that cup is almost the size of her head! o.O

this 'mirror air' (oh that really cracks me up) was a Christmas present from my cousin year before last, and I'm not sure what scale it is, I suppose depending on the angle which I take the photo, it'll work for 1:3 and 1:4? the mug is a 1:4 one, for adults, so it's a tad big for her, but this photo angle makes it look even bigger heheheheh

how studious-looking! :E
(probably playing some game more like it :S)

and of course, a 1:4/1:6 donut I made while waiting for her to arrive :) speaking of which, i really ought to start listing those donuts..........hrmm. :P

The bow was made originally to be her hairband, she's been wearing the froggy hat cos i can't stand the sight of the cap portion of the wig showing and am hopeless at styling her hair....i don't want her too perfectly coiffed either as i prefer the flyaway look, as if she's been out running about at the playground having fun...but i made the band portion too short :( it works pretty well as a belt, so am not complaining at all! Her wardrobe...OH WARDROBE I really ought to make one for her HRMM....what was i saying now. uhm.

OH YES her wardrobe will consist mostly of co-ordinates. love mix-and-match clothings!

As to the patterns, I took inspiration for the tunic (was supposed to be a dress, but I wanted to make it into a top so I kept it short) from the 1:1 site below, drew out my own pattern on inkscape yada yada... added the same ribbon as a little trim detail to the front! LOVE how it turned out! i surprise myself sometimes hahahhaha

Original Dress/Tunic pattern:

was randomly surfing for patterns and came across this one, knew IMMEDIATELY i -HAD- to make one! of course, I scaled it down, and then more, so it would work as a hairband. but know how that worked out. maybe i'll make it a lot larger for the next one HRMMMM *itches to start on it immediately*

*rushes back to more sewing :E

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