Saturday, July 5, 2014

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones - Helena Rubinstein

 ...just like there are no bad photos, only lazy photographers (guilty) :X It is no coincidence that I always itch to play with dolls on weekends, my clay order hasn't arrived and so I decided to take a break from commission work and toy (hurhur) with the Canon again.

 The photos still need a lot of improvement, out of the 93, only 9 weren't over/under-exposed, grainy, etc. I still struggle with not moving the camera while pressing down on the button, but I can't afford a remote, so it's best to just keep practicing......

I kept laughing to myself while adjusting her outfit and hair, she does look like a bored housewife doesn't she? Poor Saffron, upkeep is such a b*tch :P While taking at this angle, I kept wishing I had a nail polish or buffer set for her to play with!!

I quite enjoyed this session, though my wrists and shoulder hurt quite a bit due to the heavy camera. I will have to figure out a larger space to set up the tripod!

Table - Daiso
Pinwheel Tart (unfinished) - Air dry clay, by me!
Baking tray - random tin cover
All other props - Re-Ment
Doll - Unoa Sist, Decadent Faceplate, Fresh Skin. Face up, clothes and hair by me!

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