Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quirky fruit in 1:3 scale, and some pastries

1:3 strawberry and apricot cream tartlets, pinwheel puff tartlets, meringues  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, epoxy resin, sealants

 A special request came in early July, and my customer was interested in some finger foods, as well as unique fruits for her BJDs, and it was a pretty complicated order in the sense that I had to work on individual items, not batch, which is trickier in my opinion than batch orders.

1:3 petit four set of six - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

This set was fun to make because the inspiration photo was actually of felted petitfours XD So I was freed up to interpret it into realistic versions yay!

1:3 miniature pointy grapes - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

But I really enjoyed this commission because I was tasked to make some unique fruits, many of which I had never ever encountered! Better yet, it was sort of 'free form' work, meaning no molds, no necessity for uniformity so I could be more relaxed and concentrate on achieving a more realistic feel. Yes, the grapes are hanging on a vine so it'll be more natural looking when placed in any container!


 1:3 Maclura tricuspidata inspired fruits  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

Some of these fruits were meant for a fantasy setting, as my customer writes fantasy stories! 

 1:3 corbezzolo inspired  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

The sizes have been adjusted to her specifications and not accurately scaled, these were the trickiest to make and I jested with a friend that they were my 'red durians' XD I had been meaning to tackle 1:12 durians anyway so perhaps I'll try that when I continue with my 80s Singapore themed stuff. :)

 1:3 quince/pear inspired  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

Bumpy and lumpy, very fun to make :P Not noticeable in these pics but I also made the 'hairy belly button' bit :P :P :P

1:3 starfruit  - airdryclay, acrylic paints, sealants

LOVED making these!!! It may not be evident here but they are actually slightly translucent too wakakaka! I've made one a little riper than the other two, and one with a little green. :) 

I'm still waiting on her reply but got a little excited about showing these, I might have to 'edit' some of them but hope she's happy with the results so far!

Going to work on another post :) Watch for it!

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  1. Thank you, Cindy! I received this package yesterday and I could not be happier! I love everything. Your attention to detail is incredible and your willingness and eagerness to work with my ideas was most appreciated. You are a true artist and a lovely person.


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