Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miniature Pastries in 1:3 scale

 1:3 miniature Divin
 1:3 raspberry pastries, miniature Ispahan, Saint-Honore Rose Frambroise and Divin
 1:3 miniature apple tarte tatin
 1:3 miniature berries cheesecake
 1:3 miniature (right top to bottom) St Honore Pistache Griotte, Chocolat, and Classique/Caramel (SOLD OUT)
1:3 miniature(right top to bottom)

Chou Chantilly Nougatine,

Paris Brest (SOLD OUT)
Corolle Feuilletee Caramel,

(All items are made of air dry clay, and have been sealed. They are splashproof, but not waterproof, please handle with care!)
Hi everyone, from Hazy Singapore! Finally these pastry items are up for sale (well, most, some are already spoken for ^ ^), and before I put them up on Etsy this wednesday. Do email me at snowfern (at) gmail (dot) com for the price list if you are keen on reserving any. Some items are already sold out/reserved and subject to first-come-first-served availability....kindly refer to the photos below (click to enlarge):

Brackets indicate numbers available
1 - Saint-Honore Pistache Griotte -  (2)
2 - Saint-Honore Classique - SOLD
3 - Saint-Honore Chocolat - (1)
4 - Saint-Honore Rose Frambroise - (1, 1 Reserved) [light pink cream, pls see pic below]
5 - Corolle Feuilletee Caramel - (3)
6 - Saint-Honore Chocolat - (1) [this is slightly smaller than item 3]
7 - Chou Chantilly Nougatine - (2) [the one on left has cream that's jutting out a little bit]
8 - Divin - (5)
9 - Blackberry Macaron - (2)
10 - Ispahan - (2)
11 - Arabica Cake Slice - (1)
12 - Saint-Honore Rose Frambroise - (3, 1 Reserved) [white cream, pls see pic below]
13 - Paris Brest - SOLD
*14 - Berry Cheesecake Squares - (5)
15 - Tart Tatin - (2) [Please indicate a or c or I will randomly pick one for you]
*16 - Raspberry Cheesecake - (4) [Please indicate a (dark sfc logo), or b (light sfc logo), or I will randomly pick one for you]
17 - Strawberry Cheesecake - (2) [Random Pick, no logo]
BTW, there is a slight difference between the 2 raspberry st honore, the left one has light pink cream (with raspberry holes facing out), and the other, white cream :)

Hope you've enjoyed the photos :) It's almost time to feed Eva (my maltese, for those who don't already know :P) her medicines....she's still recuperating from a bladder stone surgery last wednesday, and boy is she attention-starved! I've finally figured out how to feed her the pills with little struggle, but she's now holding out eating her kibble for treats (which I use to bribe her to take her meds....)...fussy and naughty as ever :P


  1. My goodness!!! Your artistry never ceases to amaze me! I cannot get over how realistic your food items are. Truly magnificent!

  2. Your work is just so beautiful! I've started making miniature sweets in the past few years, and although mine don't look nearly as good as yours, I can really appreciate just how much care and detail you put into your items!!

    And if you don't mind my asking, where did you get the gold squares with your shop name on them?


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