Saturday, June 29, 2013

Miniature Parfaits, Sundaes, Milkshakes and Shaved Ice Desserts!

Lovely cool weather we're having today :) It's been too warm and hazy lately, and being shut in with the windows meant my fan was working overtime (and the air-conditioning, fwoarrr) rain is definitely welcome :)

I've listed almost all the parfaits, sundaes and shaved ice desserts on my Etsy store, please take a look!

There have been quick sales on a few items already, and some were reserved by customers who had requested I make some newer desserts, so apologies if you had your heart set on them :( 

Also, will no longer be accepting custom requests (except for the one reserved slot!) as I prepare for a change in my ....what is it..'art direction'? things around me have always been chaotic, and so I want a more purposeful and calming work environment. This will not only help me heal up (chronic hand/shoulder/wrist injuries and other wonky bits), it will also allow me more time to work on projects which have been neglected. especially in 1:12, the preferred scale for me to work in.

This doesn't mean this dolly blog will be abandoned, no! There's still the November doll event, and of course my darling Clover who still needs a summer wardrobe :P meanwhile, I wish to concentrate on my original miniature blog,, and updates on my facebook page as well as Instagram are more frequent, do follow/like etc to stay in touch! links are to the right of the blog, but here they are again:

Seeya around! 

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  1. They all look awesome!!!


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