Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Miniature Fruits and Nuts, Cheese and Bread, Honey and Milk in MSD scale (1:4)

Heya :) Here's another of my customer's order, for 1:4 scaled foods. I think they're for a medieval kitchen (minus the strawberry milk of course XD) and I think they look so cute together  ^ ^ Hope my customer likes them!!!

All made from polymer clay (milk and honey with epoxy resin) by me :)

Clover has been a little neglected lately, but I did knit some berets/beanies for her, and made her a new messy hairdo/wig too. a friend mentioned that she's beginning to look like a Mori Girl, and it was the first time I'd ever heard of the term, and yanno what, I think that's exactly what she is! so why not get her to pose with a little basket of fruits and mushrooms, freshly picked eh! 

EDIT: Eyyy I just checked again, and i think she's more of a Yama girl XD

Weather's turning here, and that means my moods and health is again acting up. I hope to finish up my other orders and find some time over the weekend to re-do her eyelashes. > < maybe even make some new hairstyles for her ;) Will blog about that a little more when I get some time to play~~

Take care everyone. And remember to smile! (^-^)v


  1. Gah... and I thought my little mushrooms were pretty good. Once again you have blown me out of the water with your talent! I always get so excited to see what new things you've come up with. I think the walnuts are my favorites though, they are amazing! :-)

  2. Hi there! Just wanted to drop out of lurk mode to say that your work is so wonderful and realistic. <3 Especially that cheese. The texture is AMAZING! I don't know how you made heavy, dense polymer clay look so crumbly and delicious. I am in awe.


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