Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lemons, and Life.

Nothing sour going on here :P I've just been occupied with ongoing commissions, consider myself extremely lucky to have very nice customers who understand that the work I do requires a lot of time and effort. About 4 hours went into making this ONE lemon, excluding the drying time (this is a combination of different brands of air dry clay, kindly read the FAQ if you haven't already).


I've been thinking and self-lamenting the loss of my 'pursuit of scientific knowledge', which was abandoned half a lifetime ago (is this some sort of mid-life crisis?? *blinks*). When I first started trying to be more creative, I dreaded the thought of having to relinquish a certain structured thought and logical process when working with 'crafty' stuff....mostly due to my critical assessment of my own works. I was afraid that my near-obsessive need for symmetry and proclivity towards certain numerical elements (namely '7') meant my earlier days working with clay had me in facial tics and plenty of eye-twitching. talk about TENSE.

not sure if many of you experience this. I probably am in a minority, but i figure, most people who bother to even read my drivel would have the mental capacity or empathy to understand that it takes ALOT for me to get anything done. I like to work in what I can consider an efficient manner, with minimal wastage and this often takes more time than if I just GET IT DONE.

Don't know what I'm talking about? yeah me neither. Basically I didn't know where this post was going. I started it as an update cos I'm extremely pleased (though still very critical of the results here, mostly symmetry and detailing, which can't really be adjusted since it's already dry but AHHHH NEVERMIND) at how it turned out, and wanted to show it off to the INTARWEBS like some little girl seeking approval.

I know what it is I have to do, but am not going to talk about it because....well. sometimes, things are what they are, and we do stuff just to survive. you know, needs vs wants.

and right now, i think i need to get back to work.

don't mind me. gonna file this away under "rambly nonsense" or "how to tidy my brain so my body will co-operate".

*trails off into a sweaty stupor*


  1. You do realize you are magic right?

    These are so perfect I can't even.


    I completely understand where you're coming from with the other stuff. I'm the same way with sewing and (oddly) cleaning. <3

  2. Whatever issues you're going through I hope gets resolved soon... As for your crafts, I've always enjoyed your work. There's no doubt that you're exceptionally skilled at what you do and your efforts really show.

    ~ I don't comment much on your work @ dA, but it's a sure thing that your projects are always great to look at.

  3. *gapes like a fish* You mean that isn't some miniature real lemon! My dear girl you are a magician!!! I am just stunned at you talent!

  4. Hi Cindy! This lemon had me fooled and even now I am still disbelieving!!!! I have never seen anything like it. How in the world did you manage to get air dry clay to become so translucent and the get the colors so gradient within the pulp????? It is outstanding work and I am just stunned by your achievement!



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