Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New online Store open!!

SGDC2014 was tremendous fun! I did a lot better this year compared to the last 2 events, which is always A Good Thing (tm)!! ^_^ Thank you all so much for the constant support, I am extremely touched especially by my ardent friend and customer, CH :) She bought up nearly half of my new range of items hee hee :P *FLYING KISSES!!*

I saw so many familiar faces, and some new ones, but I will write a proper review and thank you post when I finish up some requests.....I would so hate to keep them waiting any longer! :( But meanwhile, I have opened up a new store at

Etsy has been good to me, and I will still list some items there, but the fees are exorbitant and I feel drained each time the bill comes...T-T And since most of the BJD customers are already following my Facebook and blog, why not sell my works independent of Etsy ey? :) 

Some items were sold almost immediately upon posting as I update in real time on my Facebook page, , again, I cannot express how much I appreciate your support, my face is burning as I is very very flattering and I'm grateful for these sales, it motivates me to work harder at coming up with more and different works!

For those who are disappointed that some of the more popular items have sold, like the takoyaki sets...fret not, I will clear up my docket and hope to hold another pre-order similar to the ramen bowls, possibly in December 2014/January 2015! 

Meanwhile, do visit my store over at! I worked so hard on taking the photos that I seem to have sprained my index/trigger finger XD XD XD haizzzz accident prone, I am T-T

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